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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Eternal Twilight 4 UK convention Part 3

Sunday at the convention was so busy Charlie was the last shoot of the day but i had to use his picture first as i cannot stop staring at it, i love him now he was just so funny all his pics were different.

We got to meet all the authors there and have books or whatever we wanted signed, i was most excited to meet becca fitzpatrick. Lauren Kate was great too. thats a free tote bag on the left of the picture.
We had the rest of our photoshoots almost back to back except for gil and charlies signings.

I love my pics but If you want to use them please ask this is why ive tagged them (i would never tag a photo that didnt belong to me or i wasnt in it specifically) Thank you
A short Story: straight off to the signing with Charlie Bewley and that smile could crush a million hearts he signed my picture as normal, but I had another request, in Feb earlier this year my friend went to ET3 however she was on a standard ticket and needed to buy tickets to meet Charlie, on the Friday she was taken ill and didn’t make it to Birmingham until late on the Saturday. Charlie’s tickets were sold out and it was him she mostly wanted to meet so she was absolutely gutted. I had purchased an extra ticket and photo and asked him if he would write “sorry you missed me” he was fab and asked why so I quickly told him and he hoped she can meet him another time in the future. Super sweet of him.
I bidded and got into a 12 person guest encounter with Booboo. He is such a cutie (not in a smutty way, more a protective feeling like we are all his mums LOL) He likes horror films like Friday the 13th and the Freddies and found Vampire sucks hilarious, we were having fun trying to explain that British lemonade is carbonated (as in fizzy) same as anything with ‘ade’ on the end. We call it pop or fizzy drinks not soda and he found that so funny and interesting. We all had similar music tastes in the room mostly rock/alternative but generally like most genres as long as it sounds good. He is working on an Album (that’s the thing I wanted to know). Then I sat in the main hall for the Charlie and Leah talk which was really funny, Leah sat on his lap when everyone was trying to take pictures, Charlie pulled faces at her and the whole crowd were cracking up at him. I then had got into Leah Gibson’s guest encounter and that was fascinating. She is so humbled to be part of the whole experience and I think a little shocked at how loved she was by everyone, she wanted to shake everyone’s hand and chat to them so her signing queue got bigger and bigger. That night I managed to catch her with her partner Mark Lutz and for those who can remember Angel the Tv series he played the Grusalogg who dated Cordelia and is hotttttt! She actually took the picture of me and him and he asked me to hold his pint!
Pics to show the above paragraph OFF!!!

the last pic there is leah showing her "party trick" a fantastic Yoga Pose!
This is Mark Lutz from 'Angel' I also got a chance for another photo with booboo later at the party

It was such an amazing time and Im going back in February to hoepfully me Alez Meraz, Jodelle Ferland, Michael Welch and Daniel Cudmore
Eternal Twilight 5 site if anyone is interested in the UK tickets are selling up already so get in quick!!

thats all folks. becky xxxxxx

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