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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Eternal Twilight 4 UK convention Part 1

So I've just experienced the weekend of my life and officially don't want to com down off my fluffy cloud of constant high.......No i have not been smoking anything funny. Lets start at the beginning Eternal Twilight 4 for those who are unaware is an unofficial Twilight convention as we do no have Twicon in the UK. My mum paid for my ticket for my 30th which is next year and she now mean more to me than ever before!
originally the line up was Peter, Alex, Booboo, Cameron, Leah, Kirsten and Jodelle. Peter, Alex and Cameron pulled out (my heart cried out in PAIN!!) but Julia, Chaske and Bronson were quickly added, upon arrival of the even we were told that Kirsten Prout was unable to make it, however there would be 2 mystery guests!
The crowd screamed and (sorry Alison and Kim to nick your words) but this 29 year old was "fangirling" with everyone....I dont think ive screamed like that ever over and obsession, and all this for the undeniably beautiful CHARLIE BEWLEY and the charming GIL BIRMINGHAM can i get a 'hell yeah' *high fives thin air*
This was the main hall where all the talk and parties took place, there were 1100 seats approx one of the stewards told me the largest event so far and i believed almost sold out. we had a short intoduction and the guests were introduced
As always in my blogs CLICK the photo to enlarge, Charlie was not going to be there until saturday. After the opening ceremony we popped to the dealers room and scoped out the merchandise i bought a really cool breaking dawn necklace which i'll post a pic of soon. We were then told that the guests were in the signing room already so to avoid rushing the next day. we walked straight over to Chaske and they were all so relaxed because no one was rushing them and they were chatty and kind, We met Bronson, then Julia and when I got to Leah Gibson she noted that i had glitter around my eyes and that it was cool, i said because i cannot apply eye liner without making a mess i use glitter eye liner when i go out for fun its silver with glitter in. So when she signed my picture our guest collage it read "best wishes to you becky! (you sparkle!) :) Leah" and i loved that....one great memory down on the first night. Next we met Booboo me sat perched on his desk, not behind as the others did he asked us a couple of questions and the young girl infront of me was shaking! she got her hug and blushed. I happened to noticed after he hugged me i was shaking too.....HA what a dunce!
So the evening party was a wedding theme.......
There was a head table laid out and a cake and the gazebo like in Twilight and that is me under it in the dark, and other fans dressed fantastically for the events of the weekend with contacts and everything, i cannot remember their actual names but they were amazing people. i hope they dont mind me using my pic of them.

Then suprise there was a mechanical surf board in the corner and Chaske decided he was going to have some fun (sorry about the quality of this shot but the light was in the wrong place) Bronson's was from a different angle....YES peeps you heard right Bronson had a go too and i think he had the best time!
I have a great picture of his arse too!
So after getting quite a few vodkas in and singing sorry yelling! to living on a prayer and teenage dreams and ignorance and Mr. Brightside. we stupidly danced to the macarena and other party favs. Bronson had been back and forward to the bar and chatting with guests as they walked by, I didnt kno how old he was so we were talking about being able to drink legally from 18 in the UK but since he is 23 it didnt matter, and we all told him he looked younger he thought it was great! Booboo had sat with some guests at their table for about half hour chatting and whilst he was here i was able to snag a pic with his dad who is super cool, and Emma who i found an amazing friend in!!!! as well as many other people who have increased my facebook head count!

and just to wet your appetite for the blogs coming up here is a cropped pic from one of my photo shoots all my shoots will be tagged with my twitter name as i would ask that people do no take any photos without asking permission first as these are my personal memories.

next blog will include some new information on Lauren Kate's series Fallen/Torment and Becca Fitzpatrick's books Hush Hush/Crescendo. I met 'Patch' yey me!

Right Goodnight all its been a pleasure
(all my own sources) this is the same blog that i did for myself on Twifans.com
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