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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Eclipse merch at local Tescos (UK)

Hey guys i was searching for a birthday pressie whilst in Tesco's and in the Christmas section was these bad baby's LOL

The first picture is the mug, chocolate and marmallow set which is only £5.00 The tins are only £1.50 and are either Jacob or Edward, i have just noticed the Edward one i picked up has Bella on the back, the Jacob one has all three on the back so there are probably a few variations to chose from. they have 3 jelly hearts inside which are yummy and perfect for hiding change or jewellery in after use. hope you like them


  1. I would like to order a couple of those... can you post the purchase link to the item? I tried looking for the store's website, but I can't find these items. Thanks :-)

  2. i dont think you can get them online unfortunatley i have tried looking myself but couldnt find them, seems like only in uk stores

  3. Hey girl long time no talkie

    Looks like you had a ton of fun at the convention (Saw ur pics on twifans). Got ur pics taken with all those hotties (Lucky Girl!!!)

    Hope all is well with you
    Miss our talks but havent been on facebook in like forever.

    Take care hun hope to catch up soon