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Thursday, 29 July 2010

My Twilight Shelves

I Just had to share this, the pics are of my shelves in my wardrobe, hidden normally when guests come but a secret treasure trove for myself and like a shrine to Twilight LOL

Ok so on the top row is Jennifer Lauren's Heavenly and Penitence, then the HON series of 7 books thus far, Fallen by Lauren Kate (the only book I've yet to read, Shiver (I'm reading he sequel Linger right now so its not there) see previous blog for that. Then Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. Following on from that are all of Rob Pattinson's films on DVD and nearly all of Kristen Stewart's films too. On top of them are promotion DVDs from Twilight and New Moon and the Movie DVDS for those films too.

Te second shelf had the movie "tie-in" books for Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse.....The paperback versions of the Twilight saga, then "blood rivals" a bio of Robert and Taylor, The short life of Bree Tanner by Stephanie Meyer, Twilight's directors notebook which is my favourite, the unofficial Twilight companion and the Twilight Graphic novel volume 1. Finally are the hardcover versions of the saga and all three movie companion books. On top on the left is Robert Pattinson A-Z a recently publish guide and all the soundtrack and scores to the movie on CD. Dotted about the shelves are some USB dongles, pens, gloves, ipod socks etc I just keep collecting and the pic bellow was taken previously before Eclipse was out when i put most of my Twilight stuff on my bed over a Twilight Fleece
(pic to follow)
hope u have a laugh looking at it as my hubby thinks I'm completely nuts


  1. awesome stuff

  2. Wauw, big Twilight-saga collection. Your other books are also nice.

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