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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

House of Night Film News

Heres part of what PC Cast author of House of Night series had to say on her latest Blog about the "Marked" film

"Here's a story that ran today in the CAYMAN OBSERVER. Thought y'all would like to see it as it has film details. NO, NOT HoN FILM DETAILS. I'm not producing that movie, Michael Birnbaum at Empire Pictures is. Goddess Films is a production company I started AFTER Empire optioned the HoN. Right now I'm working on pre-production of GODDESS OF THE ROSE, my retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

Oh, I can tell you that I've read the final script for MARKED, and think it's wonderful! Here's hoping it goes into production soon! No, I don't have any more details about casting, etc. Yes, I'll post here when I do"

So we all hope it gets into production soon too!!!!

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