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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Eternal Twilight 4 UK convention Part 3

Sunday at the convention was so busy Charlie was the last shoot of the day but i had to use his picture first as i cannot stop staring at it, i love him now he was just so funny all his pics were different.

We got to meet all the authors there and have books or whatever we wanted signed, i was most excited to meet becca fitzpatrick. Lauren Kate was great too. thats a free tote bag on the left of the picture.
We had the rest of our photoshoots almost back to back except for gil and charlies signings.

I love my pics but If you want to use them please ask this is why ive tagged them (i would never tag a photo that didnt belong to me or i wasnt in it specifically) Thank you
A short Story: straight off to the signing with Charlie Bewley and that smile could crush a million hearts he signed my picture as normal, but I had another request, in Feb earlier this year my friend went to ET3 however she was on a standard ticket and needed to buy tickets to meet Charlie, on the Friday she was taken ill and didn’t make it to Birmingham until late on the Saturday. Charlie’s tickets were sold out and it was him she mostly wanted to meet so she was absolutely gutted. I had purchased an extra ticket and photo and asked him if he would write “sorry you missed me” he was fab and asked why so I quickly told him and he hoped she can meet him another time in the future. Super sweet of him.
I bidded and got into a 12 person guest encounter with Booboo. He is such a cutie (not in a smutty way, more a protective feeling like we are all his mums LOL) He likes horror films like Friday the 13th and the Freddies and found Vampire sucks hilarious, we were having fun trying to explain that British lemonade is carbonated (as in fizzy) same as anything with ‘ade’ on the end. We call it pop or fizzy drinks not soda and he found that so funny and interesting. We all had similar music tastes in the room mostly rock/alternative but generally like most genres as long as it sounds good. He is working on an Album (that’s the thing I wanted to know). Then I sat in the main hall for the Charlie and Leah talk which was really funny, Leah sat on his lap when everyone was trying to take pictures, Charlie pulled faces at her and the whole crowd were cracking up at him. I then had got into Leah Gibson’s guest encounter and that was fascinating. She is so humbled to be part of the whole experience and I think a little shocked at how loved she was by everyone, she wanted to shake everyone’s hand and chat to them so her signing queue got bigger and bigger. That night I managed to catch her with her partner Mark Lutz and for those who can remember Angel the Tv series he played the Grusalogg who dated Cordelia and is hotttttt! She actually took the picture of me and him and he asked me to hold his pint!
Pics to show the above paragraph OFF!!!

the last pic there is leah showing her "party trick" a fantastic Yoga Pose!
This is Mark Lutz from 'Angel' I also got a chance for another photo with booboo later at the party

It was such an amazing time and Im going back in February to hoepfully me Alez Meraz, Jodelle Ferland, Michael Welch and Daniel Cudmore
Eternal Twilight 5 site if anyone is interested in the UK tickets are selling up already so get in quick!!

thats all folks. becky xxxxxx

Eternal Twilight 4 UK convention Part 2

I wanted to share and prove Leah's comment to me you can see it in the right hand corner above.
Saturday I had 2 photo shoots Leah and Julia which i will post below. We also sat in reading by Lauren Kate and Becca Fitzpatrick (exclusive info after the photos)

So left is Lauren and right in Becca,

Lauren Kate
She read from Torment her new book and revealed from our questioning that the THIRD book Passion was in rough draft form but no release date has been announced!
Disney have apparently got the "film option" for her books and assured us that this is not the singing dancing side of disney, it will be more dark etc watch this space.
Interestingly enough she was asked who she pictured when thinking of her lead roles as she wrote the books. and these were her visualisations:
Luce - Lucy Hale
Daniel - Liam Hemsworth
Cam - Ed Westwick

Becca Fitzpatrick
She told us that Tempest which is the third book in her series will be hopefully released 18th oct 2011 but that is Not confirmed. below is all the things the authors signed and i met Patch LOL those abbssssssssssssss!

The talks were Booboo and Julia and the Bronson and Chaske who were striking a pose (lots of them)
Julia told us a funny story of a scene from the end of eclipse when Jacob gets hurt. Alex apparently told them all how to run properly in the slippery mud (on the balls of your feet for better grip). they all ran around the corner and came to their mark to stop and Julia heard a noise and some swearing, she didnt even have to look to know it was Alex on his backside LOL she said it might even be the clip they had to use in the film so im gonna check that later!! Julia said she was team Jacob and cant understand team swiss, pick a side!!! that made everyone laugh and cheer.
Leah and Gil also came on stage. they were really funny. Leah is team Jacob as well but was thinking team Jasper when she met Jackson in the civil war get up for the first time LOL
Leah also sang for us which was amazing.
They then did an auction, the directors chair that Booboo sat in for ET4 went for £320. A T-shirt that Jackson wore then signed and gave to someone was auctioned of at £300, breakfast with Charlie Bewley went for £400 and Dinner with all the guests went for £450 amazing what people would be willing to spend!!!
The evening was a Volturi Ball lots dressed up in fab costumes and dresses I didnt due to logistics of where i was staying, but here a a couple of pics

we had some great fun and too much to drink. I got in at around 2am
toodles for now. 3rd part will be the final part with all my boys pics YUMMY!

toodles becky xxxxx

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Eternal Twilight 4 UK convention Part 1

So I've just experienced the weekend of my life and officially don't want to com down off my fluffy cloud of constant high.......No i have not been smoking anything funny. Lets start at the beginning Eternal Twilight 4 for those who are unaware is an unofficial Twilight convention as we do no have Twicon in the UK. My mum paid for my ticket for my 30th which is next year and she now mean more to me than ever before!
originally the line up was Peter, Alex, Booboo, Cameron, Leah, Kirsten and Jodelle. Peter, Alex and Cameron pulled out (my heart cried out in PAIN!!) but Julia, Chaske and Bronson were quickly added, upon arrival of the even we were told that Kirsten Prout was unable to make it, however there would be 2 mystery guests!
The crowd screamed and (sorry Alison and Kim to nick your words) but this 29 year old was "fangirling" with everyone....I dont think ive screamed like that ever over and obsession, and all this for the undeniably beautiful CHARLIE BEWLEY and the charming GIL BIRMINGHAM can i get a 'hell yeah' *high fives thin air*
This was the main hall where all the talk and parties took place, there were 1100 seats approx one of the stewards told me the largest event so far and i believed almost sold out. we had a short intoduction and the guests were introduced
As always in my blogs CLICK the photo to enlarge, Charlie was not going to be there until saturday. After the opening ceremony we popped to the dealers room and scoped out the merchandise i bought a really cool breaking dawn necklace which i'll post a pic of soon. We were then told that the guests were in the signing room already so to avoid rushing the next day. we walked straight over to Chaske and they were all so relaxed because no one was rushing them and they were chatty and kind, We met Bronson, then Julia and when I got to Leah Gibson she noted that i had glitter around my eyes and that it was cool, i said because i cannot apply eye liner without making a mess i use glitter eye liner when i go out for fun its silver with glitter in. So when she signed my picture our guest collage it read "best wishes to you becky! (you sparkle!) :) Leah" and i loved that....one great memory down on the first night. Next we met Booboo me sat perched on his desk, not behind as the others did he asked us a couple of questions and the young girl infront of me was shaking! she got her hug and blushed. I happened to noticed after he hugged me i was shaking too.....HA what a dunce!
So the evening party was a wedding theme.......
There was a head table laid out and a cake and the gazebo like in Twilight and that is me under it in the dark, and other fans dressed fantastically for the events of the weekend with contacts and everything, i cannot remember their actual names but they were amazing people. i hope they dont mind me using my pic of them.

Then suprise there was a mechanical surf board in the corner and Chaske decided he was going to have some fun (sorry about the quality of this shot but the light was in the wrong place) Bronson's was from a different angle....YES peeps you heard right Bronson had a go too and i think he had the best time!
I have a great picture of his arse too!
So after getting quite a few vodkas in and singing sorry yelling! to living on a prayer and teenage dreams and ignorance and Mr. Brightside. we stupidly danced to the macarena and other party favs. Bronson had been back and forward to the bar and chatting with guests as they walked by, I didnt kno how old he was so we were talking about being able to drink legally from 18 in the UK but since he is 23 it didnt matter, and we all told him he looked younger he thought it was great! Booboo had sat with some guests at their table for about half hour chatting and whilst he was here i was able to snag a pic with his dad who is super cool, and Emma who i found an amazing friend in!!!! as well as many other people who have increased my facebook head count!

and just to wet your appetite for the blogs coming up here is a cropped pic from one of my photo shoots all my shoots will be tagged with my twitter name as i would ask that people do no take any photos without asking permission first as these are my personal memories.

next blog will include some new information on Lauren Kate's series Fallen/Torment and Becca Fitzpatrick's books Hush Hush/Crescendo. I met 'Patch' yey me!

Right Goodnight all its been a pleasure
(all my own sources) this is the same blog that i did for myself on Twifans.com
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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Eclipse merch at local Tescos (UK)

Hey guys i was searching for a birthday pressie whilst in Tesco's and in the Christmas section was these bad baby's LOL

The first picture is the mug, chocolate and marmallow set which is only £5.00 The tins are only £1.50 and are either Jacob or Edward, i have just noticed the Edward one i picked up has Bella on the back, the Jacob one has all three on the back so there are probably a few variations to chose from. they have 3 jelly hearts inside which are yummy and perfect for hiding change or jewellery in after use. hope you like them

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Mackenzie Foy cast as Renesmee for Breaking Dawn

this may seem old news as rumours have been circulating for a while but IMDB have finally put Mackenzie Foy down for playing the role of Renesmee

I think she will be perfect for the older looking Renesmee pictures from IMDB and Fanpop

what do you think???

Twilight Fanfiction 'fantasmic' reads

I've been introduced to some very interesting *cough* Twilight fanfictions recently. Its easy for us as we have Rob and Kristen to envisage when reading other interpretations of them. So without further ado here are some of my personal favourites :) a little enticing art first and a WARNING - these do contain adult content.

Masters of the Universe
synopsis: Bella is unexpectedly introduce to Edward Cullen CEO of Cullen Enterprises, a multi-millionaire recluse who invites Bella into a world which will change her perspective on life forever. Bella is headstrong and Edward can be very persuasive and relentless in pursuing her, but can she live the lifestyle that he wants her to lead with him and follow his rules.
Ok so this is an adults only read - so be warned for sexual content from the off. the story has intrigue, humour, danger, passion, love, sadness and the author 'Snowqueens Icedragon' just draws you in to their world, It's currently ongoing into a part two after 87 chapters, Icy began again taking now to 94 chapters, still going strong.
Her blog page is http://50shades.com/?page_id=43
you need to input your age to access the blog! here is a youtube video to entice you.......

'Icy' also has a finished fanfiction on her blog called 'Safe Haven' which is equally as good and features Edward as an actor who cannot really go out in public as he gets mobbed all the time and holds up in his hotel where he meets a delightful chambermaid who is hiding some worrying secrets.

Just realising how impossibly long this blog post would be i'm going to do them separately, but just incase you want (or need) more here are my suggestions, i will blog a little more about them soon.
Clipped Wings and Inked Armour by Hunterhunting (complete)
The Misapprehension of Bella Swan by Hunterhunting (complete)
The Blessing and the Curse by The Black Arrow (complete)
OSA Bella by Myg (complete)

A Form of Escapism by Flubbles (ongoing)
Million Dollar Baby by clpsuperstar (ongoing)
if any of you Twilighters have read any other great fanfictions then please comment as i'd love to check them out. that is all.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Casting for Breaking Dawn

So here are some casting updates for Breaking Dawn.........

Mia Maesto as Carmen, Denali Coven
Christian Carmargo as Eleazar, Denali Coven
Maggie Grace as Irina, Denali Coven
Casey LaBow as Kate, Denali Coven
MyAnna Buring as Tanya,  Denali Coven
Rami Malek as Benjamin, Egyptian Coven

All pictures from IMDB, news came directly from Summit via Twilightguide.com

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Sex, Birth, Feathers and blood, how ready are we for Breaking Dawn?

This is from Melissa Rosenburg's Facebook page

For anyone who lives under a rock for the last 2 years or so Melissa is the scriptwriter for all the Twilight movies. This certainly has sparked a lot of interest in whats to come! I hope she pulls this one off.

source Mellissas facebook VIA Twifans

Monday, 30 August 2010

Melissa Rosenberg talks Breaking Dawn script nearly finished

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog

75% done she better hurry up lol they start preparations in october eg cast need to read and get mentally prepared in their character and filming should start in November. I'd love to be a fly on the wall in Brazil for the honeymoon scenes!!! and it sounds like there is going to be a little fight at the end? hmmmm

HQ Robert Pattinson Wallpapers by me!!

Wow its been a while since my last blog, I've been busy on holiday and working so to make up for it I've made you some wallpapers.
There have been lots of new recently about Rob and Kristen and the "kissing" photos in Montreal, however this blog is about Twilight news and the actors careers not gossip so to speak. So without further ado.


just as a note there had been rumours about Breaking Dawn being filmed in Brazil and Louisiana, when I find out anything on this I will post some info.